About us

The Mental Health Information Foundation – is a non-profit organisation, whose primary objectives are: to contribute to a greater understanding and openness around psychiatry and mental health issues; to challenge stigma and taboos around mental health and mental health problems.

The Foundation has three main areas of operation:

  • 3 Publishing Houses
  • Courses and Conferences
  • Information

In the middle of the 1980s, the psychiatrist Gerd-Ragna Bloch Thorsen and a group of other psychiatrists decided to do something about the appalling lack of information available to people with mental health problems and their families. They started with a booklet about one of the most serious psychiatric diagnoses – Schizophrenia. After intense consultation with a variety of partners working largely on a voluntary basis, 1000 copies of the first ‘Schizophrenia’ booklet were printed in 1989, and Stiftelsen Psykiatrisk Opplysning was established.

Stiftelsen Psykiatrisk Opplysning
Today more than 100 000 copies and six editions of the booklet have been published, and Stiftelsen Psykiatrisk Opplysning (with Hertervig Forlag) has grown into Scandinavia’s largest specialist publishing house. Our publications provide information to people with mental health problems, their relatives/friends, and to the general public.

Hertervig Publishing House
Hertervig Publishing House was established by the Foundation in 1999. Through its non-fiction publications, Hertervig Publishing House has assured its position nationally as one of the most prominent providers of information about psychiatry and mental health.

The ‘PsykOppSpesial’ series, also published by Hertervig, gives service-users a much-needed voice, and reflects their experiences of the mental health system, and of life and society as a whole.

Hertervig Academic
Hertervig Academic was officially recognised as an academic publishing house in 2007.
Hertervig Academic’s publications are of the highest professional standard, peer-assessed and quality-controlled by a panel of researchers, clinicians and specialists. Presenting the latest research findings, they are ideal for use as teaching material in professional and educational settings.

The Foundation has 25 years’ experience in arranging courses and conferences on mental health-related issues. The most prominent of these is the week-long ‘Schizophrenia Days’ Conference every November – Northern Europe’s largest mental health conference, attracting up to 4 000 participants annually.